Time Of Departure

From Langakwi

(Local Time /UTC+8)

From Satun Thailand

(Local Time/UTC+7)

09.30 AM 9.00 AM
05.15 PM 03.30 PM

The shown time table is standard. However, time table is subject to changes without notice.

Ticket Fare

Langkawi CounterSatun Counter
ADULT 35.00 MYR 350.00 THB
CHILDREN 28.00 MYR 280.00 THB
INFANT 12.00 MYR 120.00 THB

Please present your passport at ticket counter.
Counter accept CASH only.


This ticket is issued on behalf, under the provision of the MERCHANT SHIIPPING ORDINANCE 1952 and the order made there under ( and any revision thereto ) and the General Conditions of Carriage, Regulations, Time table and notices which are made part hereof, copies of which are available on request at booking office of the Carrier and it’s ticketing agents.

  1. Commit any of smuggling that are prohibited under the Malaysian Law.
  2. Any dangerous luggage/goods which might cause inconvenience to or endanger the safety of the vessel, human being and other goods are strictly prohibited.
  3. The company has no liability for any lost or damage of passenger baggage, personal belongings and / or personal injury suffered by the passenger.
  4. Sailing schedule are not guaranteed and from no part of the contract and subject to change without notice.
  5. No refunds will be given except as provided in the said terms and conditions
  6. This ticket is valid for the date and time of issued Only and please keep this ticketing for checking purposes.


Tiket ini dikeluarkan bagi pihak, di bawah Peruntukan-peruntukan Ordinan Perkapalan Saudagar, 1952 dan perintah-perintah di bawahnya (termasuk sebarang pindaan) serta Syarat-syarat pengangkutan Umum, peraturan, jadual masa dan notis yang mana membentuk sebahagian daripadanya, Salinan yang boleh diperollehi atas permintaan di pejabat tempahan dan agen-agen tiket yang berkenaan.

  1. Melakukan sebarang penyeludupan yang dilarang di bawah Perundangan Malaysia.
  2. Sebarang beg / barangan yang merbahaya yang mana boleh menyebabkan kesulitan atau membahagyakan keselamatan kapal, manusia dan barangan lain adalah ditegah sama sekali.
  3. Pihak syarikat tidak bertanggungjawab ke atas kehilangan atau kerosakan beg penumpang, harta individu dana tau kecederaan yang dialami oleh penumpang.
  4. Jadual Pelayaran tidak terjamin dan tertakluk kepada pindaan notis. la juga tidak membentuk apa-apa perjanjian.
  5. Pembayaran balik tunai tidak dibenarkan kecuali dicatatkan dalam syarat dan terma.
  6. Tiket ini HANYA sah untuk tarikh dan masa yang dekeluarkan dan sila simpan tiket ini untuk tujuan pemeriksaan.


Refund and Return Policy

Products sold are not refundable or returnable.


Admin Office


No 81& 83 Persiaran Bunga Raya
Langkawi Mall Phase 2 07000
Langkawi Kedah Darul Aman Malaysia

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About Langkawi

Langkawi, known as the jewel of Kedah, is a large group of 99 tropical islands on Northwestern shore of Malaysia and could be increased to 104 including the temporary islands unveiled when the tide is low.

With the population of approximately 99000, it is a land with different ethnic groups of which 90 percent are Malays and the others include Chinese, Thais and Indians.


About Satun

Satun (Thai: สตูล) is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Trang, Phatthalung and Songkhla. To the south it borders Perlis of Malaysia.

Satun is located in the far south of Thailand, 980 kilometers from Bangkok. The name Satun is a Thai version of its original Malay name, Setul (santol, or wild mangosteen tree).


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